Monday, December 28, 2009

Had to Re-Post This!!!

The Red Chair Blog had a post back in September about a website called Spoonflower, which allows you to design, create, dream up {you name it!} your OWN FABRIC!!! Too good to pass up! You simply MUST check this out!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hallmark Christmas

Sarah at Sassy Frazz is giving away two $25 Hallmark giftcards. She offers some great advice & reviews on a number of products. Stop on by to post your comment for a chance to win!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!

Can it be true? YES! HOBBY LOBBY is starting online sales on January 1st. WOO HOO!

I cannot wait! Oh, the trouble I will get into...

Rest of Christmas Decor...oops!

Might have been nice to put up the rest of my Christmas decor on the blog, but it's better late than never! : ) These pictures are of our basement family room. Not the best...I basically used whatever scraps I had!

This shelf is probably my LEAST favorite, but it had to do. There's always next year!

Our family room is's a shot of the area where our daughter plays. The tree down here is always the same as far as decorations. All fun, some made by a Great Aunt of mine that passed away in October 2008. I added red lights this year and the spikey white branch thingies. I L.O.V.E. the red lights mixed with the white. It's fun and flirty...kinda like me! ; )

I had to show off my Pottery Barn-inspired frame collage...

Close-up of some of the ornaments. My absolute favorite is the little basket of yarn toward the top left. Nails painted gray are used for the knitting needles! SO cute...miss you Nancy!!!

Life definitely is good.

Acrylic snowflakes from Dollar Tree & white snowflake bucket tins from the $1 bins at Target.

Marabou "ribbon" & gift labels from Target. I added alphabet scrapbooking stickers I had laying around from an old project.

I'm linking up to DIY Show Off's Holiday Highlights!


Homemade Christmas

I try to be economical, creative, and fun when thinking of gifts for our nieces and nephews, whose ages range from 2 - 6 years old. I ran across these 16" x 20" (or so) canvases at the Christmas Tree Shop for just about $3 each and knew I could do something fun with them for the kids' gifts this year.

{Please don't mind the background...these were taken in our basement laundry room!}

These colors are in Emma's bedding, which our daughter also has. It's the Shabby Chic Fairytale Bedding line at Target. Emma is a cutie-patootie and while she's not known for eating ice cream (although I'm sure she likes it!), this silhouette definitely reminded me of her!

Chloe is the oldest - 6 years old - and just got her hair cut like this over the summer. I have a wonderful picture of her hula hooping on our deck and just had to do this silhouette for hers! I tried to Mod Podge for the first time, and poor Chloe's picture kept puckering. Thank God for good old glue! Needless to say the Mod Podging ended there!

Zachary - or ZackAttack as we call him - has a golden retriever named Duke. Zach is 4, is known for jumping on beds, and this soooo reminds me of him!

Sweet Alexa is the youngest of the group...for now! She's almost two - just two months younger than our daughter. We're expecting another in April. Anyway, she's a sweet and quiet little thing she's ZackAttack's sister!..enough said!

Ben falls in line just behind Chloe and is also 6. His father is a fire fighter, and his bedroom has old firefighter helmets and other such things in it. He's such a sweet boy and wants to be just like his daddy. {sniffle}

My wonderful mother shares her Cricut machine with me and helped me cut out all the silhouettes from "A Child's Year." The kids will be getting these tomorrow...I am so nervous they won't like them! In the very least, I had a GREAT time making them and am glad I can give them something unique and not just another toy. : )

Thursday, December 10, 2009


The stairwell going down to our family room/basement. I continually struggle with decorating this on a regular basis, but for some reason the holiday decor worked this year. I'll take it!

Our daughter was born in November 2007...I cannot believe time has gone by so fast already.

My $2 garlands from WalMart. I'll be lucky if there are any "needles" left by the end of the holiday season. You really do get what you pay for!

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Random Spots

The tree in our daughter's room. She picked out the {colored} lights & ornaments. Not the greatest picture, as she was napping when I took it!

Bathroom shot...our bathroom is VERY small, so I limited the decor in here!

Kitchen Cheer

I've been itching to do red & kelly-lime-ish green for a while now and decided this was the year. Seeing that our daughter is two, I thought she'd really enjoy the fun colors, which she definitely has!

Here's the kitchen table...

One of my favorite things I put together this just makes me happy to look at it! Uh...ignore any duct tape you may see holding the green ribbon on. I was improvising!

I cannot remember where I saw this, but [at least] one creative blogger wrote about using epsom salts for some twinkle-like "snow" filler in candle holders. I LOVE does my Mom!

I have some blank canvases lying around that I picked up at the Christmas Tree Shoppe and just covered it with some paper I had lying around. I bought the ribbon at WalMart for about $3 and stuck a little do-dad in there for a little more interest.

The jar on the top shelf has green snowflakes...not sure if you can tell!

My Grandmother was getting rid of the white plates on the shelf (I've got a TON more), so I stuck a few up there for interest. My Mom is using her Cricut to cut red vinyl letters to spell out "PEACE" that I'll stick on the plates.

Close-up of the advent "calendar" box that my Mom made for our daughter out of match boxes. I cannot imagine the work this took! She's so talented!

Dollar store ornaments and box from the $1 section at Target (LOVE that section!).