Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kitchen Cheer

I've been itching to do red & kelly-lime-ish green for a while now and decided this was the year. Seeing that our daughter is two, I thought she'd really enjoy the fun colors, which she definitely has!

Here's the kitchen table...

One of my favorite things I put together this just makes me happy to look at it! Uh...ignore any duct tape you may see holding the green ribbon on. I was improvising!

I cannot remember where I saw this, but [at least] one creative blogger wrote about using epsom salts for some twinkle-like "snow" filler in candle holders. I LOVE does my Mom!

I have some blank canvases lying around that I picked up at the Christmas Tree Shoppe and just covered it with some paper I had lying around. I bought the ribbon at WalMart for about $3 and stuck a little do-dad in there for a little more interest.

The jar on the top shelf has green snowflakes...not sure if you can tell!

My Grandmother was getting rid of the white plates on the shelf (I've got a TON more), so I stuck a few up there for interest. My Mom is using her Cricut to cut red vinyl letters to spell out "PEACE" that I'll stick on the plates.

Close-up of the advent "calendar" box that my Mom made for our daughter out of match boxes. I cannot imagine the work this took! She's so talented!

Dollar store ornaments and box from the $1 section at Target (LOVE that section!).


  1. Molly, I would love to have a two year old around again- love it up, it goes so fast! And thanks for that great tip about the epson's salts. It does look beautiful.
    Fun Christmas touches!

  2. So beautiful. I love the lime green with the red. Everything is just lovely.

  3. I love the lime green and find it so refreshing. Your wood kitchen table is beautiful. Happy Holidays to you and your family.