Thursday, December 10, 2009

Teal, Silver, & Brown

After much pondering (a.k.a. DROOLING) over the amazing Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby, I decided to expand upon my teal & silver decor from last year to include a little brown. Seeing that our budget is limited this year (I'm finishing my Master's and not working!), I hit up WalMart for some cheap-o brown fillers for the tree.

A very talented friend of mine taught me that using material I have around the house is a great way to fill in empty spots on the tree. I had some satin material around in teal last year, so I bought a yard of brown this year for $2 at WalMart.

My "in the works" dining room table that probably won't see much more action than what's there. I think I've tapped my resources, and I detest our dining room table so my inspiration is lacking! I splurged a little (don't tell the hubs!) at Michael's on Sunday...I couldn't resist. These glass pillar/taper holders and votive holders were on clearance. A little more than I wanted to spend, but I know I'll use them quite a bit so I thought it was justified.

I added some ribbon and Swarovski crystals I had lying around to give it a little more interest.

I'm linking to Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Chic Cottage!

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