Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rest of Christmas Decor...oops!

Might have been nice to put up the rest of my Christmas decor on the blog, but it's better late than never! : ) These pictures are of our basement family room. Not the best...I basically used whatever scraps I had!

This shelf is probably my LEAST favorite, but it had to do. There's always next year!

Our family room is's a shot of the area where our daughter plays. The tree down here is always the same as far as decorations. All fun, some made by a Great Aunt of mine that passed away in October 2008. I added red lights this year and the spikey white branch thingies. I L.O.V.E. the red lights mixed with the white. It's fun and flirty...kinda like me! ; )

I had to show off my Pottery Barn-inspired frame collage...

Close-up of some of the ornaments. My absolute favorite is the little basket of yarn toward the top left. Nails painted gray are used for the knitting needles! SO cute...miss you Nancy!!!

Life definitely is good.

Acrylic snowflakes from Dollar Tree & white snowflake bucket tins from the $1 bins at Target.

Marabou "ribbon" & gift labels from Target. I added alphabet scrapbooking stickers I had laying around from an old project.

I'm linking up to DIY Show Off's Holiday Highlights!


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