Saturday, December 26, 2009

Homemade Christmas

I try to be economical, creative, and fun when thinking of gifts for our nieces and nephews, whose ages range from 2 - 6 years old. I ran across these 16" x 20" (or so) canvases at the Christmas Tree Shop for just about $3 each and knew I could do something fun with them for the kids' gifts this year.

{Please don't mind the background...these were taken in our basement laundry room!}

These colors are in Emma's bedding, which our daughter also has. It's the Shabby Chic Fairytale Bedding line at Target. Emma is a cutie-patootie and while she's not known for eating ice cream (although I'm sure she likes it!), this silhouette definitely reminded me of her!

Chloe is the oldest - 6 years old - and just got her hair cut like this over the summer. I have a wonderful picture of her hula hooping on our deck and just had to do this silhouette for hers! I tried to Mod Podge for the first time, and poor Chloe's picture kept puckering. Thank God for good old glue! Needless to say the Mod Podging ended there!

Zachary - or ZackAttack as we call him - has a golden retriever named Duke. Zach is 4, is known for jumping on beds, and this soooo reminds me of him!

Sweet Alexa is the youngest of the group...for now! She's almost two - just two months younger than our daughter. We're expecting another in April. Anyway, she's a sweet and quiet little thing she's ZackAttack's sister!..enough said!

Ben falls in line just behind Chloe and is also 6. His father is a fire fighter, and his bedroom has old firefighter helmets and other such things in it. He's such a sweet boy and wants to be just like his daddy. {sniffle}

My wonderful mother shares her Cricut machine with me and helped me cut out all the silhouettes from "A Child's Year." The kids will be getting these tomorrow...I am so nervous they won't like them! In the very least, I had a GREAT time making them and am glad I can give them something unique and not just another toy. : )

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