Tuesday, January 12, 2010

House Projects

I've gone through my house and made a list {that continues to grow by the day!} of all the things I'd like to improve, re-do, DIY projects, etc. It isn't too long, but when you think about the time it will actually take to complete each project, coupled with work, school, family, and a new baby in April, it seems a little more daunting.

My plan is to work on these throughout 2010, NOT all at once as I seem to expect these types of things to happen. This will be the year of patience...I hope! ; )

Here's my running list as of today:
  1. Pottery Barn-inspired typewriter key wall decor for dining room {like this one seen on Susie Harris's blog} to go here {I think I'll do the background antique white}:
  2. Dining room light fixture - spray paint
  3. Office chair - spray paint and recover
  4. Office bulletin board {possibly similar to this one at Ballard Designs...a magnetic, burlap-covered one}
  5. Office - cover crate that printer is on {and organize the cords!!!}{looking at it from this picture, I think I may even just skirt the desk or something like that...this is pretty BAD!!!}
  6. Office - paint dresser {?}
  7. Office - new comforter/sheets {also serves as a guest room}
  8. Office - new curtain
  9. Family room - new curtains
  10. Family room - recover Grandma's old chair
  11. Family room - book wreath inspired by Living with Lindsay {will go over chair above)
  12. Master Bedroom - paint dresser {white/cream with black hardware?} {image courtesy Pottery Barn}
  13. Master Bedroom - Add molding to headboard
  14. Master Bedroom - rearrange layout
  15. Master Bedroom - decor for empty wall {it's big and BARE! Inspiration & ideas welcome! Our bedroom is small, so I want to keep it S.I.M.P.L.E.!!!}
  16. Master Bedroom - new comforter & sheets {Pottery Barn ??? - or something similar}

    {images courtesy Pottery Barn}
  17. Anna's room - light blue paint to replace red
  18. Anna's room - white "A Child's Year" silhouettes {my mom has a Cricut Expressions machine and I want to put up vinyl silhouettes around the bottom color...think the pink bunnies in Michelle Tanner's room on "Full House"...for you 80s/90s sitcom fans}
  19. Anna's room - wall decor
  20. Dining room - chair covers {?} Ballard Designs' latest catalog had an embroidered parson chair slipcover that I love and think would be great for our dining room {photo courtesy Ballard Designs}
  21. Living room/Dining room - CURTAINS
    {Ugh. They're awful. They came with the house and we just kept them becuase they were great at blocking the light. Now that I'm trying to beef up our decor from hand-me-down-chic to actual "grown-up" decor, they're just not working for me. That, and our living room/dining room is WAY too dark. I need to brighten things up!}
  22. Kitchen - mail organizer for side of fridge {something like this one on Craftzine, but I don't sew. We'll see!}
  23. Kitchen - replace linoleum
  24. Kitchen - wall decor
  25. Kitchen - new curtains
  26. Two thumb back chairs - paint {add covered seat to black one} {pretty rough, huh?!}
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