Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010 (Let's get the YEAR right!)

I have never been one to make resolutions as the new year rings in. There's just something about setting lofty goals and the whole follow through-thing that has never set well with me. However, something is in the air this year. I feel a sense of rebirth and empowerment as 2010 begins. I am getting things done - at my pace - and enjoying being organized, acting with purpose and intention. No resolutions in place, just a feeling of excitement as the new year begins that has me buzzing about.

I wish all of you a happy, healthy, prosperous 2010 free from the pressures of resolutions, yet filled with the promise of newness and fresh starts.


  1. I'm with you! Excited about the new year!

  2. Man oh man, I know the feeling. I don't like to say I'm going to do something, only not to do it.